Guaranteed Tuition Protection Plan

The plan is designed to offer coverage to parents as a group and create immediate estate sufficient to guarantee payment of school fees of named pupil(s) and thus forestall the abrupt stoppage of education of the child in the vent of the demise of the parent/guardian.

Your information will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

The education of your children or wards can be guaranteed when you buy into this plan that guarantees that their tuition does not stop half way.
- The insured life is the parent/guardian of the ward.
- The premium payable shall be paid thrice (per term) and billed along with the school fees.
- It guarantees payment of school fees up to the University level.
- Benefits can be paid in lump - sum or in form of quarterly series of payment coinciding with the payment of school fees.
- It allows for conversion into personal term assurance, if the ward is transferred to another school.
- One child can be substituted for another during the school session or on commencement of benefit.