Target Savings Plan

Save and achieve your goals with Capital Express Target Savings Plan. With this plan you can meet your savings goals by setting up a sustainable and rewarding savings plan.

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This product offers you a 3 year Target Plan which allows you achieve that dream goal of yours like buying a new car, higher education, a decent home etc.
It is a risk-free savings plan that offers you the flexibility to save in advance. It is a high interest bearing plan that enable you save towards a specific target.
A dedicated investment account is opened for each policyholder
- Policy duration is between three and five years.
- Contribution/premium can be paid annually, half yearly, quarterly or monthly.
- Contributions can be increased within the policy term.
- Minimum contribution is N10,000 per month
- Free Life assurance cover is provided for the policyholder. Lump sum may be converted to annuity at the request of policyholder.
- On demise of the policy holder before target date the life cover plus the amount in the investment Account becomes payable.
- At the end of the investment period, the policyholder receives the total amount credited into his investment account plus interest as a lump sum.
- Interest Payable on all contribution. Read more. Takes you to (INTEREST ON INVESTMENT ACCOUNT).
Life Assurance Cover
This policy provides additional life cover of an amount up to N1, 000,000.00 (One Million) depending on the monthly contribution as illustrated in the table below:
Monthly Contributions (Naira) Life Assurance Cover (Naira)
10,000 - 19,999 250,000
20,000 - 49,999 500,000
50,000 - 99,999 750,000
100,000 & Above 1,000,000
- Provides Additional Accident Death Benefit of N500, 000 for contributions with monthly of N100, 000 and above
- Interest in investment account
- Interest payable on investment account of policyholder is 2% above average interest rate offered on savings accounts by the top five banks in Nigeria.
- If the policy is surrendered before the third year from commencement date, withdrawal charges are levied on accrued interests only. No withdrawal charge is level on all allocations credited into investment account of policyholder.
- If regular contributions/Premiums are not paid as and at when due; life cover ceases