Product Description

The I-Care Plan is ideal for individuals seeking to provide financial security and guarantee the welfare of their families, in the event of their unexpected passing away or incapacitation.
With families ties at the heart of African societies, the I-Care plan represents an effective solution to provide family income, lump sum and children’ school fees benefits.

  • Policyholder must be 60 years or younger
  • Flexible premium payment plans (annually, quarterly, monthly, half-yearly)
  • Minimum policy lifespan of five years
  • Provides cover for demise, permanent disability and critical illnesses
  • Premiums and accruable interests are paid into the investment account
  • Access to Policy loan
  • Policy can only be surrendered after been in force for two years and all contributions/premiums paid
  • Lump sum payments
  • Periodic family income benefits
  • Payment of children’s school fees
  • 20% of investment account balance paid to the policyholder, on survival to policy maturity
  • 20% of sum assured or investment account balance paid to the named beneficiary, in the event of demise, permanent disability and critical illness before policy maturity.
  • Payment of the policyholder’s children’s school fees until a maximum of 40% of the investment account or sum assured is reached, if passing away/permanent disability/critical illness occurs before policy maturity.