Teacher's Welfare Insurance

Product Description

The idea of a Welfare Insurance Scheme is unique and pioneering especially in a developing economy where every aspect of our policy is being deregulated. Over the years, insurance package for Teachers have been brought under the general insurance coverage for all employees. The truth however, is that they deserve a unique insurance protection that meets their unique needs.

The main objective of the scheme is to provide very cheap and unique welfare insurance coverage.

    • 24 hours protection 
    • Peace of mind for members of National Union of Teachers Economic Commission (NUTECOM)
    • Relieve the employer of financial commitments associated with the member’s death (e.g. compulsory payments, funeral expenses)
    • Provide a source of emergency funds
    • Attract and retain good Teachers

    For the purpose of this scheme, the National Union of Teachers Economic Commission (NUTECOM) is the insured while the listed Teachers are the insured persons. In the event of any claim, the discharge of the insured is good enough and no insured person has an independent action against the insurers.

  • Natural or Accidental Death

    The scheme covers the insured persons against deaths resulting from accident or natural causes at all times (24 hours).

  • Immediate notification by the NUTECOM or any other officer delegated within a reasonable time is required
  • Completion of a claim form and submission of claims supporting documents.
  • Claims supporting documents:
          1. Medical Certificate of cause of death
          2. Certificate of burial
          3. Evidence of actual burial.
  • Claims processing and benefits disbursement is usually channelled through NUTECOM as the insured to claimant or the insured person as the case may be.
  • Claims cheque in the event of death shall be paid to the next of kin as advised by NUTECOM within two weeks of completion of documentation.